About us


Our Belief

At Tenvellon, we firmly believe that security and tranquility are fundamental rights for everyone, not just luxuries. This belief drives us forward because we understand that only in a secure environment can people truly unleash their potential and live freely and grow without worries. Our mission goes beyond merely selling products; we are committed to spreading a philosophy: "Feel Safe, Live Free"—protection and vigilance should be omnipresent.

Innovation and Usability

At Tenvellon, we combine deep industry experience with innovative technology to provide simple and reliable security solutions. Our products are user-centric, easy to use, and powerful:

  • User-Centric Design: Starting with user needs, we conduct in-depth market research to ensure that every product is simple and intuitive to use.
  • Technology Integration: By integrating the latest IoT and AI technologies, our systems can intelligently identify faces and abnormal behaviors, provide early warnings, and protect you from threats.
  • Continuous Innovation: We continuously push technological innovations to ensure that Tenvellon's products always lead the industry and exceed market and consumer expectations.

Product Showcase

  • Smart Home Surveillance Cameras: Equipped with high-definition video and live streaming capabilities, these cameras offer remote access through a mobile app, allowing you to guard your home anytime, anywhere.
  • Advanced Alarm Systems: Including door and window sensors and various detectors, these systems are integrated into your smart home hub to give you full control over the security status of your home.
  • Personal Safety Products: From emergency call buttons to portable self-defense gear, our personal safety products are well-designed, easy to operate, and provide the necessary protection when you are away from home.

At Tenvellon, we do more than manufacture products; we create a sense of enduring safety. Each item is not just a tool but a guardian of your home, always ready to protect you and your loved ones.