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What is Self Defense pen and How it Works?

by LeeIvy 18 May 2019

Hello, guys! 

What is self-defense supplies? How does it work? These questions are often asked by lots of people. Today we'll introduce more information about this security product.

Self-defense pen: shaped like a business signature pen, but with a solid defense pen head, can help people to prevent criminals from invading, can also be used as a window breaker, improve the personal safety level.

The self-defense pen can be used to temporarily attack the enemy while being violated. Causes certain trauma to the enemy's body. In law and regulation, it will also be regarded as a legitimate defense, not a banned weapon.

It fits your daily routine. 

Sure it’s stout, but it fits easily into your pocket like an ordinary pen and will become part of your daily routine. But when you in danger, the pen will become a powerful defense tool to allow you to fight back or escape.

Take a look at this example

The sharp tungsten steel head can easily break the glass. If you are trapped inside the car one day, the self-defense pen can be used to break the solid window and save yourself.

Some tactical pens are equipped with a flashlight. When you are in a dark environment, or when you are walking at night but there is no light, the pen can become an emergency flashlight.

As a pen, it certainly has a writing function. When you encounter an emergency, you can use this pen to write down key information.

to sum up: 

Easier to carry around. 

Self Defense or break the glass when in danger. 

Write down key information. 

Some extra functions are useful in daily routine (flashlight)

You won't carry a weapon with you every day to ensure your personal safety, but when danger comes, if you have one item in your hand is always better than a bare hand. Carry a self-defense pen with you daily can effectively improve personal safety.

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