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How to Remote View the Camera at PC (V380)

by LeeIvy 07 Oct 2019

Hello, guys! 

If you don't want to do the remote view your camera on the phone because the screen is too small, you could use the V380 PC CMS software to remote view at PC with a bigger screen. 

Today we'll introduce how to do this setup: 

Go to our help center to download the V380 PC CMS software and install the software: 

After installed. You can login your V380 account by input the account name and password, or open the V380 App to scan code login. 

If your account already added the cameras, after you log in to the PC software, you will see the camera on the view list.  

Or, you can press the "Add" button on the left corner, input the device ID and add the camera.

It also supports to save video or snapshot to PC, do not forget to check the setting page.


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