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Can security cameras work without Internet? (V380)

by LeeIvy 30 Aug 2019

Can security cameras work without Internet? Can I use security cameras without Internet or WiFi?

The answer is "Yes”!!!! You can still let security cameras work without the Internet.

For your farm, rural home, garage, and other remote areas without an Internet connection, you can try to use the V380 security camera AP mode.

What is the AP mode? When using the V380 software to connect to the camera, the camera will create a hotspot so that the phone can connect to this signal. When this special signal is connected, the phone is connected to the camera, and the camera can be set or controlled in a short distance. You can connect directly to the camera without the internet and complete the personalization. For example, set a recording plan, let the camera start recording even without a network.

However, it should be noted that because the camera is not connected to the Internet, when you are away from the camera, the phone will not receive the hotspot signal of the camera, so the connection will also be interrupted. Although the camera will still work, your phone is unable to receive messages from the camera.

When you need to view the video playback, you can connect the camera hotspot again, or unplug the memory card and plug it into the computer to play the video.


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