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Mini Battery Camera is Coming Now!

by LeeIvy 24 Jul 2019

A new style of mini camera is coming! Is this different from the previous mini camera? Of course, there are!

First of all, the appearance is a rectangle. Why is it a rectangle? That's because it has a larger battery capacity, and the battery capacity of 2400mAh is similar to the battery capacity of a mobile phone. Compared to the old mini camera's 90-minute usage time, the F10 mini camera can last up to 10 to 15 hours. In particular, it also has a one-button power-saving mode to extend standby time by up to 20 hours.

An ultra-small size, that is about the size of a coin, allowing you to be placed in different locations and not easily found. 

Many mini cameras only support monitor sound and do not support intercom. This new machine supports listening to voice and intercom. The built-in noise reduction processor keeps the real vocals.

Want to remove the uncomfortable infrared red light? no problem! 

Do you think that the normal camera turns on the infrared mode at night, the infrared light will light up, and there is a feeling of being monitored at any time, making you feel very uncomfortable? 

Don't worry. The F10 mini camera supports night vision, but the annoying infrared light won't light up. You don't have to worry about the infrared light coming on at night, it won't disturb you to sleep, and it won't be easily found. 

Want to use it without a network environment? no problem! 

The camera supports hotspot mode connection. In the environment without wifi network, you only need to connect the hotspot signal of the camera. Your mobile phone can establish a link with the camera, control the camera, set the recording mode, and let the camera quietly working in a no network environment. 

Want a camera to support multiple devices to watch together? no problem! 

After a network setup is completed, a camera can be shared with multiple users, and 5 and 10 users are completely ok. You can also set permissions to share users. 

If you are concerned that your camera video files will be lost, you can also choose to use the cloud storage service to store the video files on the cloud server. 

 If you have more than 1 camera, you can also support split screens to view multiple cameras at the same time. More convenient and more efficient. Support phone App and PC software to remote view it.



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