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How to share the security camera to other devices?

by LeeIvy 20 May 2019

Yoosee App account sharing tutorial:

Hello guys! 

Today we'll introduce how to share your camera to other devices. Recently some people keep asking us about how to let other phones or pad to remote view the camera, especially when a family has multiple devices, how to share the same security camera is very important. Here are two questions that most people will concern:

Question 1: When I want to share the camera, what if other people know my camera ID and password, will they hack in my camera without permission? 

Answer 1: No, when you set up the camera, the camera will be bind to your account, without your permission, even other people know the camera ID and password, the login page will show error and fail. This is the security account function. 

Question 2: After I shared the camera to other devices, will those devices can take full control to my camera and change the camera setting? 

Answer 2: Other devices will be the guest accounts, only your account is an admin account. The guest account can operate basic functions, such as remote viewing, unable to enter the camera settings page to modify settings. 

How to share the camera with other devices? 

Step 1. Go to the viewing page, choose the share icon on the top of the right corner.

Step 2. You will see there is a QR code at the sharing page.

Step 3. Take out your other device to scan the QR code, the camera will be added to the viewing list.

If other devices are not close to you, you could copy the sharing link below and send it to other devices.

Reminder: the QR code and sharing link there is a time limit, and it will automatically expire after a period of time to prevent the account from being exposed. Please add it in time.


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