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How is the Security Camera Alarm System Works? (Yoosee)

by LeeIvy 27 May 2019

Hi guys!

Did you know that the security camera can be combined with a special alarm sensor to make it a set of a security alarm system to provide you with better protection?

Today we'll introduce the Security Camera Alarm System and talk about how it works.

First, let's take a look at this picture.

The camera becomes the main control center. Through the link with the sensor alarm, when the sensor is triggered, the camera will receive the signal at the first time and send the alarm push information to you via the network. It can be said that the camera links the alarms at different positions into a complete security system, which is more powerful than a single alarm or a single camera.

The main sensors in the kit are usually door window alarms and human body infrared sensors. Door window alarms can be mounted on doors or windows. When two parts are separated, an alarm will be triggered, so if a thief breaks into your home, the alarm will be triggered as soon as he secretly opens the door and window. Even in places that are not visible to the camera, an alarm can be installed to increase the detection range.

The human body infrared sensor will detect within a certain range, which is equivalent to expanding the detection range of the camera. For example, when you install the camera in the living room, if there is no infrared sensor, when the thief breaks in from the back door, the camera in the living room can not detect the thief, but if you install the infrared sensor in the back door, The alarm signal is triggered and transmitted to the camera, and the camera will send you an alarm message at the first time.

The structure of each home is different. If only one camera is installed, it will appear that the detection range is not enough. Installing some alarm sensors can effectively improve the detection range, one camera can be added many sensors, you could choose to add extra 5 more door window sensors or 3 more infrared sensor, which is a very cost-effective security alarm kit.

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