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The Best Self Defense Product You can Choose

by LeeIvy 18 Jun 2019

Hi, Guys!

We're asking some people what they do for personal defense. 

What I see is that there are many people, especially ladies, who don’t have a good self-defense method. A little bit of preparation, a little bit of tools, a little bit of knowledge can make you safe.

These are Every Day Carry items in our lives that can be used as weapons. A lot of our everyday things can be used as a weapon. Some people may think: I already have some stuff I can use for self defense, but will it help during the dangerous come? 

My phone: I would rather call for help instead, but I might be shaking so bad to actually place the call. 

Keys: if I can find them… 

Umbrella: yeah, I don’t really carry one daily, unless it is already raining. 

Lipstick: It helps to mark locations or keywords, but it can't help to stop the attack. 

My bag: yes, I can use it, but it can also be easily used against me, increasing the chances of me being completely helpless. 

Firearms: Are you sure you can carry those items everywhere? 

You park your car during the day and you come out after dark, it's not the same place anymore. So as you start moving through, you just look what's possible? Could somebody hide here or could they be there? One useful tool is the tactical flashlight, As you can see down some of the streets, it's dark. Using the flashlight can help you to avoid walking in the dark. 

Also, Self Defense Pens are really valuable defense tool because one designed properly, you can carry them everywhere. Easy to use, writes very well and if you need it as a force multiplier, it's a very effective tool. Aircraft grade aluminum, so it'll penetrate, it'll break bones. 

What Is A Tactical Pen (Or Self-Defense Pen)? 

The tactical pen is simply a pen that can be used also as a survival tool and for self-defense. The tactical pen can be used as a survival tool in outdoor excursions or outright jungle survival. It is a simple small item but when used properly, can also be very helpful. 


Self defense classes can prepare you for specific scenarios, and help you learn to react, but let’s face it, the chances of those lessons sticking in our minds and making the “correct” response is close to nil. 

Most people’s reflex in a dangerous situation is to fight, run away or freeze. Fight is to face the danger and try to overcome it while run away is to evade danger by extracting yourself away from the situation. Keep in mind that there are times that both are applicable and there are times where you can just wish for a miracle. As humans, having some sort of weapon can be a blessing in these kinds of situations. 

Why The Tactical Pen? 

It is not illegal, no papers, no legal documents!

It is usually inconspicuous and can pass airport checks and body frisking! 

It is multi-functional, hey, it’s a pen plus a self defense pen, plus. Relatively affordable. Costs a lot less than an armor and weighs less too. Easy to carry and a good accessory for land travels Historically effective. 

The survival pen is fundamentally a combination of a pen and a simple weaponized stick. Historically, a common wooden stick or a variation thereof is a simple everyday item used in martial arts. As a handheld weapon, it could be used in a close-quarter encounter, hitting the head, shoulder, limbs and striking the midsection. A shorter version, the stick, may be used the same way to strike or poke or even render someone immovable. The self defense pen a descendant of the weaponized stick. One of the modern day variation of stick – the self defense pen – is still based on the foundations laid out from its historical perspective. 

You would be suspicious too if you see a man carrying a fighting stick daily, or an able bodied person carrying a cane. 

But, Who is going to ever ask you why you are carrying a pen? 

Tactical Pen Uses The tactical pen makes a pretty good self-defense weapon. Yes, it may not spew 100mph fast bullets or lash out laser beams but it will not leave you, intentionally. Since it is a derivative of historical hand-held weapons, the tactical pen is ideal for close-quarter situations.

Basically and practically, tactical pen uses are: 

For bluffing. This is actually a pretty good idea: do not engage unless you really need to. If the prospective target is prepared to give the assailant a hard time, chances are, they will not pursue and would look for an easier target. There are survival pens that are made to look somehow intimidating.

For writing. what is a tactical pen without a writing function? of course, these are pens, they are intended for writing. Blue and Black ink. Breaking glass. There are survival pens that are made with a carbide steel tip. This function can come in very handy when a route to safety or escape has a glass. 

DNA Collection. One of the tactical pens uses that is out of the ordinary, is to stab or wound the assailant, and since there is contact with the assailant, an equipped tactical pen can collect DNA of the attacker by using the tip of the pen. 

Now our top-end tactical pen, with its high toughness and high quality flashlight, the newly designed flashlight switch button will be a very suitable self-defense product. Exquisite packaging makes it a great gift, you can give it to someone you care about, give it to your parents, give it to your lover, give it to your boss, or give it to yourself. 

Tenvellon self-defense products, personal safety first.

Product Link: Click Here

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