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Viewing Angle Adjustable New Type Outdoor Security Camera

by LeeIvy 07 Jul 2019

Hi, Guys!

A security camera that can be installed in an outdoor environment is very much needed for many people. Whether it's installed in an eave, main entrance, back door, yard, garage, or store checkout, the scenes that can be used are very wide.

But one problem is that most outdoor security cameras are fixed angles of view. When you have installed it, the direction of viewing is fixed. If you want to adjust the viewing angle one day, you have to take a ladder to climb to the installation position to adjust the camera. Don't you think this is very inconvenient?

of course!

Therefore, many people want to choose a PTZ type camera, because it can be viewed remotely adjust view angle, it is very convenient. However, there is still a problem. The ptz-type camera is large in size and very obvious. For others who walk through your door, they will feel bad and be monitored by you. For the thief, they will think that a camera of such a large size will mean that there is a lot of valuable things inside.

So is there a camera that can be installed in indoor and outdoor environments, waterproof, compact, smaller size and remotely adjustable viewing angles? The answer is yes!

Our new outdoor camera, unique design can remotely adjust the viewing angle, about 120 degrees left and right, digital zoom in and zoom out. The 1080P resolution allows you to see more clearly. It also has the same level of waterproof as other outdoor cameras. The camera is specially enhanced with infrared night vision lights and brighter night vision lights, which make the night images more clear. The camera supports the intercom function, you can not only talk to the camera but also record the sound when recording.

You can also set when the camera is turned on and when it is turned off in the app. For example, when you are at home, the camera is turned off, and when you leave home, the camera automatically turns on. You can set up videos for different time periods according to your needs.

Do you want to see it on your computer? No problem, you can use the PC software to watch the camera remotely on your phone, tablet or PC at any time.

This is a new outdoor camera with unique features. Can meet your outdoor installation environment, and the small size will not be too awkward, can remotely control the viewing angle, eliminating the trouble of adjusting the viewing angle in the future, killing most of the fixed-lens similar products. If you happen to have the need for outdoor safety equipment, then this product will be very suitable for you.

Tenvellon security makes watching your home and business easy, fast and secure. Spend less time worrying and more time living the life your love.


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